In sports terms...
What counts is the team.

As everyone knows, our line of business is as round as the proverbial ball – encompassing no less than the entire globe. Our hierarchy, on the other hand, is flat; the people who work for us act independently, competently, and reliably. This is efficient, saves valuable time, and ultimately leads to long-term, trusting cooperation.

Winning is purely a matter of teamwork. Of course, there are a few people in the team who have to run the show. But with us, you don’t have the top and bottom that you have at other companies. This is also shown by the fact that we have no dress code. Except in the warehouse, where you have to wear certain work clothes in accordance with safety regulations – and EMO-LOG provides these free of charge once a year.

There’s added value for you here too

Water, coffee, and tea are freely available to you at all times. Once a week, you also get fruit and vegetables for free. And that’s not the only thing we do for the good of your health.

With us, you can also stay fit by pedaling. With our “JobRad” program, the bike of your choice is waiting for you at favorable leasing conditions. For the commute to and from work as well as for private use – and also as a contribution to climate protection.

And apropos “climate”: The fact that we fully air-condition all our office spaces is certainly not due to a bad working climate. On the contrary: We stick together – something that we celebrate regularly with company events.

On top of all this, we receive benefits in kind averaging 44 euros in added value per month.

I’m happy to have a diversified job and good development opportunities. Something that should never change is the family atmosphere at EMO-LOG. It’s wonderful to see how respectfully people treat each other here.

Hannah Scheipers, Clerk


For me, it is important that we exchange a wealth of ideas in the team and work together as equals. Everyone knows what’s at stake, everyone is part of the whole. From experience, I can only say that good service is created in a good environment, and customers notice that immediately.

Matteo Iuliani, Head of Customer Service


Life and work in harmony

With us, you can balance your professional and private goals in the most satisfying way. Here are a few examples:

  • Compatibility of family and work, flexible home office concept.
  • Securing the qualifications of tomorrow means: opportunities for further education.
  • Language training: Business English once a week, free of charge and during working hours.
  • EMO-LOG listens to and helps you meet your diverse needs – for every team member equally.
  • Everyone gets not only the recognition, but also the future outlook that they deserve.

Can you feel it? We want you to enjoy coming to work with us. That you feel comfortable. In a working environment that takes your wishes and goals seriously.

Your job at EMO-LOG – that’s the solution. A sporting team that plays fair that makes it even easier to strike a balance between work and life.


Respect for everyone’s performance

For the most part, our sector is e-commerce. We are very happy about that, because this promising and hip sector generally fosters a very modern culture that allows team members to feel like they are all valued equally – no matter what religion, skin color, origin, gender, and so on. We are always open and positive in our dealings with each other and are there for each other without question. That’s what makes us such a strong team.

What distinguishes us as individuals are our own

  • experience, knowledge, and skills,
  • ways of working,
  • needs,
  • and ideas.

This diversity enriches and benefits us enormously as a team, because it enables us to complement each other in the best possible way, and it is also a creative source of our solutions and innovations, our competitive edge.


Responsibility spurs us on

The individual job one does always forms an important part of the whole. Everyone makes their own contribution. Everyone assumes their own kind of responsibility – for themselves and for everyone else.

Everyone’s opinion is welcome. Sensibly question traditional things, make suggestions. Courage to put ideas into practice – and thus self-realization. There’s no more fertile ground for creative impulses.

Those who have information or new insights share them with the others. We bounce feedback back and forth with each other in order to learn and constantly develop. Good, direct, and honest communication is the key to make this happen. Intensive exchange exposes potential gaps or challenges early on and helps to fill them right away. This is good for the development of each individual team member, as well as for the entire company.


Continuity and dynamics

Our continuity is based on long-standing and good relationships with our employees, our customers, and all service providers and suppliers. We view ourselves not only as an employer, but also and equally as a partner on whom you can rely in the long term.

  • A tradition that already started with the over fifty-year-old family business EMO-TRANS, of which we are a part.
  • A living dynamic through which we are all growing together constantly

Warehouse logistics is a fantastic field; my experience in this job has given me versatile qualifications. And it also gives me the best prospects for the future, because it involves a lot of technology, organization, and digitalization. So EMO-LOG gives me a first-class opportunity to stay up to date.

Peter Kuhn, warehouse employee


Shaping and growing together

With us, you’ll be working in an innovative industry to which the future belongs. That’s why we never rest on our laurels, ensuring unceasing innovation though the continuous improvement of the best of our existing processes and the parallel creation of new solutions. As a member of our team, you will automatically help to shape the future. At the same time, you will continue to develop according to your own dynamic, your skills and knowledge always keeping pace with the latest developments. Being your long-term development partner is one of our maxims.

My work here gives me a good feeling; that’s mainly because we respect each other and stick together pretty tightly. Our bosses hold each and every one of us in high esteem; and we give it back collectively in the form of a top team performance.

Klaudia Bruncek, Administration


Ready, set, go – give the starting signal yourself

You can see yourself here? Then just come and join us. We would be very happy to hear from you.

Take advantage of the team spirit and technological innovation of our company with its worldwide exclusive partner network. We are looking for colleagues who are eager to explore new avenues with us and share a desire to win. People who want to work with us to build the logistics of tomorrow.

We will continue to grow. And through your contribution to our company, we will continue to grow together. Take hold of the reins; be part of our strong community – with great prospects.

Contact our HR department. Send us your profile, let us know about your wishes for now and later.

If you don’t find a suitable job, apprenticeship, or internship offer among our job offers at the moment, your speculative application is still highly worthwhile.

Simply send an email to – it will then reach Mr. Simmes from our HR department. He will contact you again when the time is right.

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We wish you the best of luck and every success.

Peter Messerschmidt

HR Department

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