European presence made easy.
Full service for US companies in the European market.

USA, the land of start-ups. Young and strong US teams usually think in global terms from an early stage. Growth counts, and they set the entire world firmly in their sights. This is also true of good old Europe, with its more than 500 million customers with purchasing power. But is it wise to take uncertain risks far away from home? A difficult decision. Under certain conditions: yes. But under no circumstances should the company itself be based in the EU, nor pay any business taxes. That much is clear.

With us, this scheme works overseas. US players are a good fit for us – regardless of whether the company is still young or already established.

No extra risk: We have the ideal way to get you directly into EU business with no obstacles to slow you down. And what’s more: You get a fantastic head start:

  • Our network brings your goods from the USA (or from wherever in the world you produce) to the EU.
  • More specifically: to Germany, the logistics heart of the continent, which is also our home base.

Of course, there are always a few obstacles, such as the import VAT.
However, our tax advisors organize the VAT refund. For this, you need an VAT identification number:

  • We apply for the VAT ID for you.
  • All EU customs formalities are taken care of by our full service.
  • Once in Germany, we store your goods safely.
  • We also arrange your indirect customs representation.

Your own sales address

For US companies, we enable indirect EU representation. Our warehouse address plus the VAT ID effectively constitute your own EU presence. This makes you both the sender and recipient at the same time – just not an EU resident. You don’t need an extra office or staff and you don’t pay business taxes.
The supply chain continues to run at EMO-LOG according to your specifications:

  • Pick & Pack
  • Further distribution to your end customers in all EU target countries
  • Returns management

EMO-LOG’s appointed tax advisors ensure full compliance. And they ensure that our US customers are reimbursed for import VAT at the end of the process.

One more time to understand better? Watch the USA video here. Or contact us directly.