Team player.
Double reinforcement for international synergy.

Get to know our two young joint ventures: First: EMO-LOG s.r.o. based in the Czech Republic, which is expanding our service to Central European markets. Second: PURMAX, providing a new type of link between European distributors and worldwide manufacturers that covers the purchasing and distribution interests of both.

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EMO-LOG s.r.o – our networkers in the Czech Republic

Due to continued growth, a large number of our e-commerce customers are expanding their logistics resources to the Czech Republic, Poland or Slovakia. Thanks to our joint venture, EMO-LOG s.r.o., we have the opportunity to follow you to these countries so we can be a strong partner for you there, too.

We work with our long-standing network partners, NIETEN Internationale Spedition GmbH and Kontisped s.r.o. to offer innovative services, even under the particularly demanding local conditions in the Czech Republic:

  • Transport
  • Customs clearance, comprehensive full service
  • Import/export
  • AEO F-certified
  • TIR Carnet
  • Neutralizations
  • T1-T2-customs dispatch notes
  • Contract Logistics

EMO-LOG s.r.o. was founded in March 2020, and after only a short time, we have been able to build up a prestigious clientele who particularly appreciate our professional performance in the sector of customs concepts.

Team strength: currently 8 experienced minds (future growth unstoppable).

Headquarter: Nad Rybníčkem 85, CZ 346 01 Horšovský Týn,

Joint venture partner:
Kontisped and

Do you also want to accelerate your growth in Central Europe efficiently so that it is adapted to your individual needs and cost-optimized? We look forward to hearing from you! You can reach our Czech unit directly on its German landline:
Phone +49 2571 80084-84. You can also write us at


PURMAX – Your bestseller in the European market

Our B2B platform PURMAX brings together producers from all over the world and retailers throughout Europe. The effect: stronger growth for both.

PURMAX integrates purchasing, warehouse, logistics, and distribution on behalf of our manufacturing and distribution customers. A modular service portfolio; innovative and unique.

How does it work?

It works from two vantage points: that of the manufacturer and that of the distributor:

From the manufacturer’s point of view –
Are you looking for a distribution channel in Europe that is comprehensive and reliable?

No matter what, how, or where you produce – with PURMAX we offer you:

  • Sales of your products in Europe – reliable and constantly increasing.
  • Customized distribution solutions for your products and for your entire logistics process, including payment and returns management.
  • Increased competitiveness through opportunity assessments and market analyses; we determine achievable sales volumes and prices so that you can adapt your items to the requirements of European markets.
  • Minimized risk at lower cost (e.g. no need for costly trade show exhibitions).
  • A powerful European dealer network.

From the retailer’s point of view –
do you want to offer a large stock of products at a small expense?

No matter what, how and where you trade – with PURMAX we offer you:

  • Purchasing at maximum profit and with minimum risk for you.
  • An extensive and constantly updated range of top quality products – for the increased trust of your customers and a minimal rate of returns.
  • Our purchasing network with locations and partners in the most important European countries; furthermore in the UK, USA, and China.
  • Securing a stable cash flow through the pre-financing of goods.
  • Reduction of expenses – freeing up your infrastructure by taking over warehousing and logistics.
  • Flexibility in B2C services through optional “dropshipping” – delivery directly to your end customers.
  • Development, setup, and support of your online shop on request, including an optional connection to the inventory management system (JTL); hosting via our servers.
  • Highly efficient fulfillment service that lets you focus on your core competencies and plan for rapid growth.





Inventory management

Shop system setup

PURMAX was founded in February 2020.

Headquarters: Kuhlmannstr. 7, 48282 Emsdetten, Germany

Maximize your business. You want to accelerate your growth efficiently so that it is adapted to your individual needs and cost-optimized? Call us today! You can use our general EMO-LOG contact details or contact our PURMAX Unit directly at Tel. +49 251 394 699 59. You can also write us at: