What are the advantages for the end customer?

  • Delivery on the basis of DDP (Delivery Duty Paid)
  • No points of contact with customs
  • Very fast delivery also possible from third countries
  • Favourable customs clearance and logistics costs

What data is required?

  • Address and contact data of the parties involved: shipper, importer (=recipient of the goods) and declarant
  • Value of goods
  • Freight and insurance costs 
  • Description of goods - in English sufficient
  • HS codes (6-digit sufficient)
  • Country of origin.
  • Quantities and weights
  • Delivery condition / Incoterm DDP
  • The individual packages must already be provided with a shipping label of the last mile carrier in the country of departure
  • Access to invoices to final consignee must be guaranteed
  • Airwaybill
  • CSV. File according to EMO-LOG


  • Because we specialize in your customer needs in the eCommerce sector
  • Because we want to grow together with our customers and we like to find individual solutions
  • Because we are always a contact partner with a lot of special knowledge in the areas of transport, customs and logistics
  • Because we realize DDP shipments and relieve your end customers from going to the customs office
  • Fair prices
  • We understand entrepreneurship as seizing opportunities. In order for this to succeed, we invest continuously in the education and training of our team and our infrastructure. For us it is especially important to invest in the relationship with our customers from the very beginning. We are convinced that we have to invest in advance before we reap the rewards.

What costs should I expect?

This depends mainly on the quantities, the destination and possibly other services we may provide for you beyond customs clearance.


Official IT system of the customs authorities for the declaration of postal and courier consignments (APK) = consignments with low value < = 150 Euro (Art. 23 and 24 VO EG 1186/2009).

Which goods can be cleared with ATLAS-IMPOST?

On 01.07. 2021 the exemption limit of 22 Euro has been abolished. The submission of electronic import customs declarations has been mandatory for all goods since then.

Why does ATLAS-IMPOST exist?

  • Goods whose value is less than 150 euros
  • No prohibitions and restrictions

I have goods with a value of more than 150 euros in my shipments. Is there a solution for this?

Yes, goods exceeding the 150-threshold can be declared separately.

Goods with a value of less than 150 euros are duty free but not tax free, right?

Correct, import VAT is levied in the EU from the first cent. In order for the import VAT to be paid to the destination country, we need the so-called IOSS number from the seller of the goods.

For what kind of business can ATLAS-IMPOST be used?

B2C shipments

Where, at which locations can ATLAS-IMPOST be handled?

Basically at any location in Germany. Certain destinations such as Leipzig or Cologne are preferred for air freight.

Are there similar solutions in other EU countries?

  • Yes, please do not hesitate to contact us. We will find a tailor-made variant.
  • We can also feed your products directly into the last mile via Prague, which is particularly attractive.

What are the advantages for me as an e-commerce retailer?

  • High speed supply chain
  • No intermediate storage necessary for imports from third countries
  • Digitalized or automated customs clearance
  • Less data required than with conventional customs clearance