Expanded capacities.
Exploiting synergies – in league with top performers.

EMO-LOG solution logistics are particularly flexible. Our expanded system of warehouse capacities with need-based availability is proof of this. It extends around our headquarters and is available at lightning speed, especially during peak demand. This is made possible, among other things, by our “Team of Partners” program, a close cooperation with neighboring logistics service providers at our Münsterland location located in the top region of North Rhine-Westphalia.

These strong partners are as future-oriented as we are and have similar state-of-the-art warehouse technologies and capacities. They have a level of service orientation and customer centricity to match our own. They are all convinced that new growth can be realized more rapidly as part of an overall package. In the contract logistics sector in particular, all the companies affiliated with us share a persistently firm focus on continuous expansion.

Our jointly developed partner model, which we intend to develop further in the future, places us in an even stronger position. Our integrated solution logistics concept and all the advantages it affords have provided a valuable impetus in this respect. The effect: Multiple economically independent units that interlock in a rational way. From the point of view of our customers, EMO-LOG remains the only permanent point of contact. Your one-stop shop for comprehensive logistics solutions.

In addition to this regionally based basic network, the “Team of Partners”, we also maintain an exclusive and close-knit global network; you can find more details on this under “Global Network”.