Overcoming customs and tax hurdles.
Our UK-EU-UK service.

More complicated regulations have arrived. To name just one example: Even third-country trade goods imported into the EU via the UK are no longer duty-free.

Complicated? Not with us. Trouble-free trade between “third countries” and the European Union – we didn’t just start offering that in January 2021. Well-known global trading companies have been putting their trust in us for a very long time. You can be a winner too, even after Brexit – with simplified and accelerated processes: Benefit from our secure and qualified customs clearance with AEO certification and from our strong and high-capacity network.

British exporters relocate to the continent

Your warehouse and your receiving mail address to Germany – that’s the top solution of the today. You do not have to be based here yourself. We will arrange your indirect representation in Germany. Many UK companies have recently already relocated to the EU with the help of EMO-LOG:

  • Complete handling by EMO-LOG
  • 3PL contract logistics
  • Initial consultation
  • CEP services
  • Truck transport, EU distribution
  • FBA and FBM (Amazon)

To name an example, here is a case of particularly sensitive goods: one of the leading UK brands for art supplies. Thanks to our solution logistics, our client from the UK has been overcoming the new obstacles posed by Brexit since October 2020 and remains as secure, efficient, and profitable on the European mainland as before.

E-commerce to the UK? We will handle the returns from there

Smooth returns process despite Brexit? From a single source? No problem. With us, your customers in the UK have a permanent address for the return shipment of goods. Once they arrive there, the returned items are checked and consolidated according to your process definition; on request, they can also be destroyed.

Our reliable partner on the Isle reports the processed returns to you on a daily basis so that you can give your customers quick financial relief. Thanks to our close interfaces, customs clearance on the export side is also no problem for us. This means we can get the goods back to you in Germany in no time.

A special bonus: We help you to get paid customs duties refunded to you without complications whenever possible.

For those interested in the details, here is a short introduction to the extremely complicated new customs procedures for shipping between Germany and the UK:
“Despite Brexit! This is how transports to the UK are organized now!” 

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Do you also want to efficiently outsource the task of circumventing trade barriers to specialists?

Would you like to keep your growth on track in UK-EU-UK freight transport in the future? Then we look forward to hearing from you. Simply write to us without obligation: brexit@emolog.de