Solution logistics
make your shipments
much easier and quicker

Break away right from the start. With our help, you will quickly stand out from the rest of the competition. You eliminate many costs before even entering the race.

Solution logistics

Your supply chain
is going to become even more efficient

EMO-LOG specializes in extremely flexible logistics solutions

Solution logistics in the mail order business with consumer goods is our core competence. Like our parent company, EMO-TRANS, and our network partners, we have decades of experience working with overall service concepts. Large players entrust their strategy developments to us.

Contract logistics

Cooperation is more than a bunch of of tricks

Our contract logistics has been effectively redefined. We further developed it and added elements that are modern and essential. For innovative, flexible solution logistics […]

Solution logistics

Why you are simply faster and more efficient with our services

We are highly specialized in important fields. We adjust our processes to those of our customers – not the other way around. […]

About us

Logistics solutions from the heart of the European Union

As part of the network of our globally present parent company, EMO-Trans, our competences are extremely comprehensive. […]


We help you advance in the European Market

Do you want to cost-effectively import into the EU from the USA or around the world and eliminate risks? […]