Tapping into new trading grounds.
Your opportunities for more e-commerce.

Up to now, online commerce has remained rather limited in the Central European region. As a result, many e-commerce players have adopted a wait-and-see approach to entering the markets there – something that could now change. Those who still shy away from expanding in this future direction could miss out on important opportunities.

Demand is rapidly catching up, local domestic distributors are steadily recording significant growth rates from year to year as they step up their activities in response to declining brick-and-mortar retail sales. The increasing spread of the Internet is also a contributing factor. Sales via pervasive online marketplaces are generating a particular upswing.

Czech Republic, Poland & Slovakia – capacities standing ready

Expansion into the countries mentioned above in particular may be an appealing idea especially now, as they offer enormous potential with their huge number of consumers and constantly growing purchasing power.

Your prospects as an Eastern European e-commercer are expanding rapidly. Especially since you have our Czech subsidiary EMO-LOG s.r.o. there to support you with its complete 360° service:

Our services are already perfectly adapted to the Eastern Europe market and ready for you. In addition to our logistics expertise, we have an intercultural understanding of the mentality of the region, together with the necessary language skills in the target market. After all, our local team is made up of experts who have grown up there. Feel free to contact our Central Europe Unit today. In German and from home, of course: Tel. 02571 80084-84 or contact@emolog.de