Flexible solutions.
More time for your core competency.

Complex logistics naturally entail a lot of time and expense in day-to-day business, starting with space and human resources requirements – the challenge par excellence. On top of that, there are also seasonal fluctuations. Peaks in demand, for example, quickly result in bottlenecks, especially in the mail order business. And last but not least, in-house logistics project management is often prone to errors, risks and conflicts, especially if some operations are farmed out to subcontractors, who do not always think and act in a comprehensive way.

Our flexible solutions are ideal for meeting the individual challenges you face in a logistics landscape that often eludes one’s grasp. With us, you don’t have to deal with energy-consuming organizational issues. This way, you can concentrate on your actual competencies, on new business and growth.

Your one-stop shop

When we develop solutions for you, we choose from our extensive range of highly efficient services and combine them to create your fully integrated overall concept. Integrated and tailored from a single source, so you no longer have to shop for individual items elsewhere. Your logistics now run smoothly, optimized from top to bottom. With your global B2C mail order business hard-wired for faster growth. Everything you need from a single and unique address – EMO-LOG.

Supply chain coaches

EMO-LOG always has a reliable store of capacities and competencies ready for you. Others do too. But why do you get things moving with greater ease and efficiency with us?

  • Solution logistics is an integrated service concept that fits all your needs.
  • Intelligent streamlining of complex core processes.
  • Uncomplicated processing thanks to shorter decision-making paths.
  • Comprehensive project management by experienced professionals.
  • Exclusive global network of highly experienced partners.
  • If you wish, you will always have just one representative from Key Account Management as your contact.

Needs-based thinking – breaking away from rigid standards.

We flexibly adapt our processes to those of our customers – not the other way around.

Solution logistics always means: We help you think out of the box. No strict requirements as is often the case with corporate suppliers.

Peter Messerschmidt

Branch Manager, Emsdetten
European Transport Coordination / Customs Affairs

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