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Your goods in the Europe-wide distribution network for B2C and B2B.

Bundling and simplifying complex core processes are what make our recipe for success for greater efficiency in your accelerated supply chain. Our centralized scheduling team directs all movements. We arrange transports of all kinds worldwide, coordinate logistics processes, and optimize transports to fit customer requirements.

Both the Emsdetten headquarters and the nearby Münster branch plus the EMO-LOG Team of Partners are centrally located right in the middle of the huge European distribution area. With our highly efficient distribution network, we are responsible for the direct supply of 500 million consumers.

Sales hub in the heart of the continent

North Rhine-Westphalia – or the federal state of NRW in short – is considered to be an outstanding region within the top-performing logistics location Germany. NRW is a point of intersection of important European land, sea, and air transport axes. Situated in the immediate vicinity of EMO-LOG is the Münster Osnabrück International Airport (FMO), with connections to destinations worldwide. In addition, two of the most important autobahn intersections are nearby, as well as long-distance railroad lines traveling throughout Europe and the Near East – with one even offering services to China. The conveniently located Dortmund-Ems Canal gives us extremely fast access to Europe’s largest canal port (Dortmund), and onward to the world’s largest inland port (Duisburg), and finally via the Rhine to the seaports of Rotterdam, Amsterdam, and Antwerp.

With us, you have your logistical one-stop shop right in the heart of the European market. From here, you can conquer the entire EU market with EMO-LOG’s unique solution logistics. For more details, see: Location.

Peter Messerschmidt

Branch Manager, Emsdetten
European Transport Coordination / Customs Affairs

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