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Shipments from the United States to the EU are subject to customs duties and import turnover tax. This tax, which is not known in the U. S., is based on the regular VAT. For importing goods to Germany, that’s 19 % of the import value. You want to be at the top of your game in the EU? We’ll show you how.


We make it your advantage.

A 19 % TAX ON TURNOVER? That may sound unfair at first, since it makes every product more expensive for the seller and, naturally, for the buyer. However, there is a way for you to keep import turnover tax cost-neutral and considerably simplify and even accelerate your the transfer of your goods to the EU.

Because we store your products in Germany, we can distribute them throughout Europe in just a matter of hours.

Short transport routes

  • Production in Asia
  • Direct export to the EU
  • Production in the USA
  • Transport to GER
  • EMO-LOG takes care of all storage and distribution in the EU.
  • The import turnover tax is refunded.

Your advantages

  • Short transport routes
  • Saved costs
  • Import turnover tax is refunded
  • Warehouse storage in GER
  • Complete handling by EMO-LOG
  • Consolidated customs clearance

Get faster.
Get better.
Go Europe.
Speed up your business.

  1. Mr. Smith from Chicago would like to sell his products in the EU in the future and to be a player on the European market. First market analyses are promising.
  2. He contacts EMO-TRANS, parent of EMO-LOG.
  3. EMO-LOG obtains a VAT no. for Mr. Smith’s company and takes care of all formalities with the German customs and tax revenues
  4. EMO-TRANS ships Mr. Smith’s products from the U. S. and other production locations all over the world to Germany. EMO-LOG stores the goods and distributes them speedily throughout Europe.
  5. The tax services agency at EMO-LOG submits the necessary documents for a refund of import turnover tax and ensures compliance with all other regulations.
  6. The import turnover tax in the amount of 19 % is refunded to Mr. Smith’s company.

Those who seize opportunities
make the longest run.

We get you into the game in Europe.

As a U. S. business supplying goods in the EU, you can claim a refund of import turnover tax when you have a VAT identification number in Germany. You don’t need an office or team in the EU to do this. We take care of it.

As a logistics company with decades of experience in importing and exporting cargo, we organize your entire shipment and take care of all tax formalities. This is how we get you into the game. We apply for your company’s VAT no., ship your goods to Germany, store the goods, distribute them to the corresponding EU member country, and take care of all customs and tax formalities with authorities extending to a refund of your VAT.

This team play has several advantages for you: You can offer your products at up to 19 % reduced prices, leaving you more room for price negotiations. By storing your products in Germany, you can distribute them faster to your customers in the EU. What’s more: If your goods aren’t produced in the U. S. but, e. g., Asia, you can deliver directly from there to Germany – without detours via the United States.

As you see: With EMO-TRANS / EMO-LOG on your team, you can win lots of matches in Europe. Take your trophy. And new markets and customers along with it.

We’ll support you.

Your advantages at a glance

  • We obtain a German VAT no. for your company.
  • We take care of tax matters.
  • We store your goods for you.
  • We distribute in the EU market.
  • You don’t need an office or staff in the EU.
  • You save time and costs through shorter transport routes.
  • Consolidated customs clearance saves costs.

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