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Does almost everything at your company revolve around quick growth? Then time and costs for logistics should no longer needlessly slow you down. That is why EMO-LOG has developed solution logistics. We will help you reach your goals much more efficiently and securely. We work flexibly and oriented towards specific needs to develop individual concepts, primarily for customers with exacting requirements from the online trading and mail order businesses. Around the world.

Time & Costs

solution logistics

Complex logistics naturally costs you a lot of time and money. The expenses start with space and staff requirements, which can be a challenge even under normal conditions. However, there are also seasonal fluctuations, especially in the mail order business: precarious shortages can quickly develop at peak demand times. Performing logistical project management on your own is also susceptible to errors, risks, and conflicts, especially in areas involving subcontracting companies that do not always think and act comprehensively.

EMO-LOG reserves secure capacities and competencies for you in a perfect global network. The innovative solution logistics from EMO-LOG will help you liberate yourself from burdens and risks in an efficient and secure manner. That way, you can devote your energy to new business and growth in peace.

Why your operations are simply more efficient and secure with us

  • Solution logistics provides a holistic concept
  • Innovative streamlining of elaborate core processes
  • And holistic project management
  • Smooth processing thanks to short decision-making channels
  • One face for the customer
  • Exclusive global network of experienced partners

Get a head start with us around the world

  • You want to import into the EU.
  • You transport products from distant countries to the EU and want to use a more efficient process.
  • You want to gainfully manage EU tax processes.
  • You want to accelerate complicated customs formalities and avoid risks in the process.
  • You want to ensure warehousing, Pick & Pack, and returns management within the entire EU.
  • You need an effective local logistics service provider with top connections to the global network.
Flexible, comprehensive service

Think in terms of needs – with our services,
your logistics won’t be ruled by rigid standards

We adjust our processes to those of our customers – not the other way around. Solution logistics always means we help you effectively break away from the “cookie-cutter approach,” which often restricts your flexibility. We are extremely flexible and develop custom service packages that are tailored to suit your needs. They are easy to implement and do not follow restrictive guidelines, as is often the case with group suppliers.

That is how solution logistics has created a fresh wind in global fulfillment. Discover your new opportunities, too.

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Smaller players and start-ups
are welcome

Smaller companies that need flexible and uncomplicated comprehensive support benefit from our custom solutions in particular. That is especially the case for imports into the European Union and particularly in the online trading and the mail order business. If you run a start-up that is working with totally new ideas, for instance, we are your address for innovative problem solutions in the EU.