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We offer you comprehensive contract logistics services for business and end customers. Need more support? Feel free to ask us for customized IT support, quality assurance, or assistance with your value-added services.

Contract Logistics

Individual contract logistics
for worldwide ambitions

One team – all services – 100 percent power. We’re strong in all positions.

Flexible interfaces, top timing – at EMO-LOG, perfect teamwork is the name of the game. Our customers’ processes are always our standard. What you can count on: We deliver top performance from goods receipt to returns processing. Our service package is all-round and carefree.

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Contract Logistics

Fast on the ball.
A strong team.
Ready to score.

01_icon_kl_warenannahmeYour deliveries to our warehouse go through the receipt process there on the same day they are received. We check them to ensure their contents and condition are correct and enter them in our ERP system.
As an alternative, there are different ways of connecting this process to your company’s own system. We would be happy to explain them to you.

WarehousingWe find the right place for your goods in our logistics center’s hall, using state-of-the-art warehousing technologies and all of the damage protection principles indicated.

Pick & Pack Based on your order (or the order from your end customer), we compile goods shipments immediately, package them in safe boxes, furnish them with the required delivery papers, and dispatch them on the very same day.

We use the right CEP service provider for your individual requirements and needs – as economically and profitably as possible.

RetourenWe manage returned goods exactly according to your specifications. This includes performing the receiving inspection, repackaging, delivery completion, and additional transport – whether it is back to the end customer or back to the warehouse, supplier, or manufacturer.

Contract Logistics

Be prepared.
Get into the game.

Customer become fans.

We think your customers should be your biggest fans. This requires a logistics partner that is as flexible as you need it to be. EMO-LOG has years of experience and is trusted by many reputable customers. They all appreciate our reliable and fast service. Whether your company is shipping from the USA or you are a European start-up handling its own shipping: EMO-LOG will pick up wherever you are – and provide the services you need.

Our success strategy.

Every customer is unique. That’s why EMO-LOG provides individual rather than automatic support. This smart service based on your specific needs and your own timing is EMO-LOG’s great strength. You can look forward to a highly efficient partnership.

Proactive approach with the required capacity.

Those who need contract logistics want to be able to trust. At EMO-LOG, we’re aware of this. As passionate team players in the logistics industry, we place great value on fair play, consistent performance, and a wide range of logistics services that fulfill all of your requirements at all times.

Your advantages at a glance.

  • Reliable and highly customized solutions for transport.
  • Warehousing, and value-added services.
  • Worldwide performance of functions.
  • Support for business and end customers.
  • Comprehensive service and enormous flexibility thanks to streamlined decision processes.
  • Short lead and delivery times through fast market- and customer-oriented coordination of all logistical functions.

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